Church Security Consulting 


We have spent years studying church security and we want to work with you to provide the safest environment possible to your congregation. 




Firearms Design

Have a new idea for a firearm you want to bring to life? We will soon be getting our FFL and when that goes through we will be happy to build you the gun of your dreams from the ground up!




Ballistic Off Road Racing is the Official racing team of Precision Ballistic Specialists! We compete in the TORC Series and other professional off road racing events around the country!




Precision Ballistic Specialists,

Providing the Alpha Shooter the equipment he desires

Precision Ballistic Specialists

Veteran owned and operated, Precision Ballistic Specialists provides simply the best products for your weapon of choice. From exclusive red dot plates for S&W and Glock pistols to the revolutionary new AR platform we will release soon, we are proud to deliver quality in every product we sell. 


The Alpha Solution